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10 Best Foods You Can Try During Your American Vacation

So you are planning an American vacation and want to experience America at its very best. You’ve made your list of best places to visit, planned which souvenirs you will get, and even decided your exit route.

But what about experiencing American food! As they say, Americans have a splendid appetite for mouth-watering stuff, and it would be futile if you don’t try them.

American food is an endless culinary, and we bet you will have difficulty giving up on anything. However, to ease your hunger outburst and make it convenient, we have listed 10 of the best foods you can try during your American vacation.

Plates up, apron on – bon appétit!


Your vacation must kickoff with an ideal breakfast that will set the tone for the day and what can be better than pancakes. You might have tasted pancakes before, but what makes American pancakes unique is their fluffiness.

You can find them at various restaurants across the country, and we will not be surprised if you find blueberries or chocolate chips as fillings. The maple syrup served along with pancakes elevates this iconic cuisine to a whole new level.

Recommended restaurants:

  • 808 Grindz Cafe – Lahaina, Hawaii
  • Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro – Salem, Oregon
  • Katrina’s Cafe – Auburn, California
  • Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp – Gatlinburg, Tennessee
  • Con Huevos – Louisville, Kentucky
  • The Local – Prescott, Arizona
  • Doreen’s Cup of Joe – Marco Island, Florida
  • Penny Cluse Cafe – Burlington, Vermont
  • Downtown Cafe – Rochester, Michigan
  • Cafe Talya – Bayonne, New Jersey

Hot Dogs

Although Hot Dogs is a German classic, its popularity is evident in the American food culture. You can find Hot Dogs served at almost every ballpark and cookout across the country, and your American vacation would be incomplete if you forget to try one.

You can find different Hot Dog variants throughout the country, with each having its specific specialty. We bet you will have a hard time ignoring them as they are one of the best foods you should try during your American vacation.

Recommended joints:

  • Angelo’s Coney Island – Flint, Michigan
  • Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs – Denver, Colorado
  • Dat Dog – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Diggity Dog – Seattle, Washington
  • El Guero Canelo – Tuscon, Arizona
  • Gene & Jude’s – River Grove, Illinois
  • Happy Dog – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Jack’s Cosmic Dogs – Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
  • Olneyville New York System – Providence, Rhode Island
  • Papaya King – New York


We bet you will miss this food more than anything after you return from your American vacation. And why shouldn’t you? This remodeled sandwich is a delight, and the mouth-watering meat patties inside them will leave you wanting more.

American hamburgers are a special treat and one you should never miss on. You can find hamburgers in every part of the country, and you will find different variants with a range of toppings and proteins.

Recommended restaurants:

  • The Balboa Bar and Grill – San Diego, California
  • Bub’s Nola – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Chris Madrid’s – San Antonio, Texas
  • Duke’s Grocery – Washington, DC
  • Fred’s Meat & Bread – Atlanta, Georgia
  • J.G. Melon – New York
  • Loretta’s Northwesterner – Seattle, Washington
  • Nation – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Nic’s Grill – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Peter Luger – Brooklyn, New York

Po Boy

This iconic sandwich will leave visitors speechless. Invented in 1929 in New Orleans, Po Boys has been an integral part of the American menu. Despite many Americans refer it as a Poor Boy, the sandwich can be deceiving with toppings as rich as fried oysters.

You can find many joints that offer this delightful sandwich across the country. However, New Orleans would be the best place to try this lovely sandwich.

Recommended restaurants in New Orleans:

  • Parkway Bakery and Tavern
  • Crabby Jack’s
  • Domilise’s Po-Boys
  • Parasol’s
  • Killer Poboys
  • Katie’s Restaurant & Bar
  • Mahony’s Po-Boy Shop
  • Liuzza’s by the Track
  • Jacques-Imo’s
  • Mother’s Restaurant

Fried Chicken

An American vacation is incomplete without visiting southern America, and if you do end up there, it would be futile if you don’t try fried chickens. American fried chickens come in different varieties, and we bet you will want to try most of them.

These variations include spicy Korean fried chicken, crunchy chicken sandwiches, and Nashville’s fiery hot chicken.

Recommended restaurants:

  • Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack – Nashville, Tennessee
  • Love & Honey Fried Chicken – Philadelphia
  • Parson’s Chicken & Fish – Chicago
  • Blue Oak BBQ – New Orleans
  • The Usual – New York City
  • Southern Rail – Phoenix, Arizona
  • The Regional Kitchen & Public House – West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Mary Mac’s Tea Room – Atlanta
  • Hot Chicken Takeover – Columbus, Ohio
  • Hop Alley – Denver, Colorado


Your American vacation would be incomplete if your must-try food list did not contain pizzas. Well, you might have eaten a pizza before, but what makes an American pizza special is the way they combine it with different flavors.

Whether in Chicago, Phoenix, or Philadelphia, you will always find a pizzeria waiting to fill your mouth with different pizza variations.

Recommended pizzerias:

  • Spacca Napoli Pizzeria – Chicago
  • Keste Fulton – New York
  • Pizzeria Mozza – Los Angeles
  • Bungalow by Middle Brow – Chicago
  • Doppio Zero – San Francisco
  • Pizzeria Vetri – Philadelphia
  • Stanzione 87 – Miami
  • Tribute Pizza – San Diego
  • Patsy’s Pizzeria – New York
  • Pizzeria 22 – Seattle


Memphis style, Carolina style, Texas, and Kansas style! No, we are not talking about fashion. Instead, these are the four distinct barbecue techniques famous in America. Each type follows a unique approach, and so they distinctive flavors.

American barbecue will help you celebrate your American vacation to its fullest, and it is undoubtedly one of the best foods out there.

Recommended BBQ joints:

  • B’s Cracklin’ Barbeque – Savannah, Georgia
  • Cozy Corner BBQ – Memphis, Tennessee
  • Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q – Decatur, Alabama
  • Franklin Barbecue – Austin, Texas
  • Grady’s Bar-B-Q – Dudley, North Carolina
  • Heirloom Market BBQ – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Homegrown Smoker – Portland, Oregon
  • Hometown Bar-B-Que – Brooklyn, New York
  • LC’s Bar-B-Q – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Mike’s Huli Chicken – Kahuku, Hawaii


If you have cravings for recipes involving rice, Jambalaya is undoubtedly worth considering. Beyond rice, this recipe can include shrimps, green peppers, onions, andouille sausage, and spices. Jambalaya can take you deep into American history, and it is must-try food while you are in America.

Spicy Homemade Cajun Jambalaya with Sausage and Shrimp

Recommended restaurants:

  • Jacques – Imo’s – New Orleans
  • Mother’s Restaurant – New Orleans
  • 82 Queen – Charleston
  • Coop’s Place – New Orleans
  • Gumbo Shop – New Orleans
  • K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen – New Orleans
  • Desire Oyster Bar – New Orleans
  • The Old Coffeepot Restaurant – New Orleans
  • Broadway Oyster Bar – St. Louis
  • Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop – Metairie

Apple Pie

If you’ve wondered why there are no desserts on this list, we have saved the best in the end. Apple pie is not just a dessert for Americans, but it is one of the iconic dishes of this country. It is a classic dish and a fantastic way of celebrating the roots of American culinary heritage. 

We bet you will never forget the experience of enjoying an American apple pie.

Recommended joints:

  • A La Mode – Seattle, Washington
  • Dangerously Delicious Pies – Baltimore, Maryland
  • First Slice Pie Cafe – Chicago, Illinois
  • Four and Twenty Blackbirds – Brooklyn, New York
  • Southern Baked Pie Company – Gainesville, Georgia
  • Honeypie Cafe – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Sweetie-Licious Bakery Cafe – Dewitt, Michigan
  • Hoosier Mama Pie – Chicago, Illinois
  • Julian Pie Company – Julian, California
  • Petsi Pies – Somerville, Massachusetts


The last food item on our list is American cheesecake. This dessert comes with a thick texture and Philadelphia cream cheese that leaves you with a luxurious mouthfeel that you will remember for years.

You can find them across the country, making them a perfect dish during your American vacation.

Recommended restaurants:

  • Eileen’s Special Cheesecake – New York City
  • Zanze’s Cheesecake – San Francisco
  • Commander’s Palace – New Orleans
  • Joule – Seattle
  • Departure Restaurant + Lounge – Portland
  • Jin Patisserie – Los Angeles
  • New Skete Monastery – Cambridge New York
  • Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery – New York City
  • The City Bakery – New York City
  • Kiki’s – New York City

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